.: Testimonials About Our Moissanite Jewellery

Here are just a few of the comments we have received from happy customers who have purchased our Moissanite rings, earrings, pendants or loose stones:

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My girlfriend has always had an ethical issue with diamonds and told me about Moissanite a while ago. I googled it and found North Star. I had some obvious discomfort/doubt about sending money online without being able to shop in person, so I emailed to ask some questions. I received a reply very quickly and had all of my questions answered. I took the leap and made my order, and received the ring even quicker than I expected. Suffice it to say, my girlfriend is now my fianc�. The proposal was wonderful, she absolutely loves the ring, and the stone has absolutely blown some minds already. Thank you very much for everything. David, Richmond Hill, ON
My ring came today - and it is just gorgeous, thank you so much for the prompt delivery and beautiful ring. :) As ordered! Best Friday ever. T.N., , Vancouver, BC
I received the ring yesterday and it is absolutely stunning! You guys did a fantastic job. It is even more beautiful than expected. Thank-you for all your help and for being so patient with us! We will definitely be recommending you guys to anyone interested in moissanite. We are so thankful there is a great place to get moissanite jewelry in Canada! Now I get to officially 'pop the question' with a gorgeous ring, thanks to North Star. Dave, London, Ontario
I just wanted to say thank you!! My ring is GORGEOUS!! Alison, Orangeville, ON
I can finally tell you about my ring! I LOVE it. It is so sparkly, white, and the quality of the setting is evident. I am thrilled. No one has questioned the stone; all I have received as feedback is oohs and wows. I have had so many compliments already, and although we could have afforded a diamond of this size I am glad we went with moissanite instead. This way, we have more money to put towards a wedding, and though it is still valuable, I don't have to be quite as careful with wearing or losing my ring. It does not feel one bit less sentimental or 'real' as a diamond engagement ring. Thank you for your patience and for answering my million questions before ordering. I will recommend you to others interested in moissanite jewellery and as an engagement ring option. Thanks again! Heather, Calgary
I received the ring today. All I can say is WOW it is truly a work of art. It brought tears to my eyes. I can't express to you the joy I have found looking at the gorgeous piece of art that graces my finger. Such excellent craftsmanship. Please thank the artisan that made my beautiful ring. I truly mean this from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so very much. Sincerely, Thomas and Monica, Saskatoon, SK
Hello! I just received my ring today and it is infinitely more beautiful than I ever imagined! I am very pleased with the ring and I am very excited to slide it on her finger. Thank you for answering all of my questions quickly and clearly and for such a beautiful ring! You have made getting engaged feasible for people who can't afford a diamond, I am so thankful for your business! Thank you! Nathan, Fredericton, NB
Just thought I would send a quick email to let you know my ring arrived safe and sound. It is absolutely stunning :) Matter of fact...drop dead gorgeous! So happy with the workmanship and quality put into my ring. I have had moissanites before on another ring and they still take my breath away. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!! Thank you again and keep up the great work. I will send your number to a few other people for a little more business for you. Have an Awesome Weekend :) Jenn, Spruce Grove, Alberta
Good morning North Star, Just wanted to let you know my ring arrived and I love it! Huge thanks to you and your jeweller for making the recommendation. It is perfect with my band & I have had many compliments on it already. Will certainly be suggesting your company to my friends. Thanks again. Madi, Charlottetown, PEI
I received my rings and they look beautiful. I am very happy with the work and the stone - and yes, I have not stopped looking at them! It's too bad more people don't know about Moissanite; unless I had ample money, I could never justify spending the money on an actual diamond of this size. Please also tell your jeweler that I am very happy with the work and the bigger stone :-) I wish I had initially bought from North Star because I wasted my money the first time with another company, which only ended up in disappointment. I did a lot of research about Moissanite and North Star (for months and didn't rush into this decision). Now I wish I had done it sooner. Working with North Star to remake my ring was the right choice and everything their jeweler suggested turned out amazing. I could not be happier! Again super happy and thank you very much for all your help and the back and forth emails!!! Sheila, London, Ontario
Just wanted to let you know that I have received the solitaire ring and I’m very very happy with it .. it’s even nicer than I had imagined. I’ve placed my order for the eternity ring !! Can’t wait to see it !! Thank you again for your help !! Best regards, Stacey, Montreal
I just picked it up and it's beautiful. My wife loves it. Will definitely be purchasing more in the near future. Great product and service from your company. Will not hesitate to recommend. Thanks again, Mark, White Rock, BC
I just got my ring and I LOVE it. Thank you so much. It is exactly what I was hoping for. Eric, Pitt Meadows, BC
Just got it. I LOVE it!! I am going to push everyone to buy this instead of diamonds. Thank you so so much for all your help. Rest assured that I will be buying more!!!! Rosie, Markham
I just received my rings and I absolutely love them. The wedding band is perfect. Thank you so much for everything. Katrina, Toronto
I have received my order and I am very very satisfied. Thank you for your exceptional service. I will be purchasing from you again in the future. Cheers Terry, Surrey, BC
So to update you, I received the ring & it really is amazing!! The craftsmanship is mind blowing & the design is also excellent. The stone is brilliantly cut & looks great in natural sunlight & well lit rooms. I am really happy. I have gone ahead & bought this as I really like the ring in itself & I gave it to my wife immediately. She was pretty thrilled & very appreciative of the fact that it is not a diamond. She plans to wear it every day. We had looked into Moissanite & wanted to buy it once & see for ourselves. I have been to local jewellers here & the Moissanites i had seen were far inferior in colour, cut & clarity than from your company. Must say I do not think we will buy diamonds anymore. Thank you so much for a good experience & a lovely ring. I am sure we would be placing our next order soon. Regards Visachi, Mississauga
Thank you so much. I am thrilled with the ring. I am sure my wife will love it. I will recommend you highly to all my friends. I will be ordering the pendant for my wife for Christmas in November. Craig, Minden, ON
I received the ring and have worn it for a couple of days to get used to it. I absolutely love it! Thank you for all your help. I will definitely order from North Star again! Have a good long weekend! Nikki, Calgary
I received the rings last week, they look great! My fiance and I were very excited to wear them, but due to a certain superstition and family tradition, we are not allowed to wear the rings until we are married. I bet they will fit our fingers because we made sure we gave you the correct ring sizes. I look at the rings everyday and can't wait to finally wear them. I will definitely purchase moissanite from North Star in the future now that I have seen how brilliant they look. I would like to thank you for all your help and effort. I appreciate it, a lot. You are the best! Again, thank you very much for everything! Robert & Anna, Toronto